Aqua-Bio Clear Sewage Treatment Plant

  • BIOCLEAR is a small sewage treatment plant with guaranteed reliability.
  • It is correctly planned and installed, it can run for years without any problems.
  • Changes in the weather do not have an effect on the processes that take place in the thoroughly FRP insulated closed treatment plant.
  • BIOCLEAR treatment plants are designed to biologically treat the wastewater of small and medium size units.


  • BIOCLEAR is an efficient treatment system for removing organic and other pollutants from sewage.
  • A biological film is created in the filter media; the bacteria living in the film dissolve organic matter.
  • Oxygen, which the bacteria need for breathing is released into the filter through a fan.
  • Programmable Timer based MCC Panel.


  • Filter media that does not need changing
  • Small Power Consumption
  • Compact Size
  • Easy for Transportation

Aqua Bio Clear STP

Diagrammatic Representation